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  • Member Profile: Predator Drilling

    December 15, 2017
    Predator Drilling in Red Deer has literally been going green for years. by Jess Sinclair Whether driving into Predator’s Red Deer County facility or flying over any of the company’s rigs in the Midland region [...]

Rig Art

  • Rig Art: TopHat Indonesia

    December 18, 2017
    Title: Oil Respect metal hardhat Artist: TopHat Indonesia | Medium: aluminium, paint | Year: 2017 In today’s click-and-copy world, TopHat Indonesia has found a niche market for custom-designed and hand-crafted metal hard hats. They are certain [...]

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  • Keeping Our Land Clean

    December 15, 2017
    SECURE Energy Services takes on the important task of reclaiming abandoned wellsites for future generations. by Jess Sinclair Western Canada’s oil and gas industry is recognized as one of the world’s most rigorously regulated. Many [...]

Our Story

  • Our Story

    September 29, 2017
    by Amber Faulkner As an oilfield family, we learn to live with spring break ups and small breaks due to delays with rig moves or repairs. Planning ahead financially becomes a way of life. After break up it is generally [...]

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