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President’s Message

December 18, 2017

By Mark Scholz Reflecting on 2017 “Alberta’s beleaguered energy sector is making a comeback,” the CBC declared at the end of November. To be sure, things are looking up after a tough few years for […]

Oil Respect at SAIT Student Petroleum Society

December 18, 2017

by Hitch Editorial Staff Part of the mandate of the Oil Respect campaign is continued outreach to university and technical students. We believe this is important because these young people represent the future of Canada’s […]

Rig Art: TopHat Indonesia

December 18, 2017

Title: Oil Respect metal hardhat Artist: TopHat Indonesia | Medium: aluminium, paint | Year: 2017 In today’s click-and-copy world, TopHat Indonesia has found a niche market for custom-designed and hand-crafted metal hard hats. They are certain […]

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