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Throwback Thursday: December 14, 1964

October 20, 2016

Oilweek, December 14, 1964 Drillers ‛cautiously optimistic’ Sharp increase in drilling costs and wider well spacing under new Alberta regulations have tightened competition among drillers and contributed to significant efficiency improvements. Drilling contractors in western […]

Throwback Thursday: April 28, 1967

September 21, 2016

Calgary Herald, April 28, 1967 Oil Industry Here ‘Great’ Despite Political Problems Opportunities for finding new oil and gas reserves in Alberta are “great, but political problems are holding back production of existing known reserves,” […]

Throwback Thursday: April 8, 1967

September 21, 2016

Financial Post – April 8, 1967 They Drill for Resources “The Canadian petroleum drilling industry is in serious trouble. Activity dropped by 18% last year, and there is every indication that the decline will continue […]

Throwback Thursday: Leveling the Load

September 1, 2016

Originally printed in Oil Driller magazine, Fall 2006 Rig work year-round By Nancy Jakubic ‘Leveling the load’ is not a new issue in the drilling industry. The trade-off between an intense glut of activity in […]

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